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Parahebe Avalanche Parahebe Avalanche PBR

A profusion of white flowers pour over the plant like an avalanche. ‘Avalanche’ has serrated, dark green, leathery leaves and blooms from June to September. Hardy and evergreen.


Hydrangea Lavana PBRHydrangea paniculata ‘Levana’ PBR

This plant has enormous panicles (up to 50 cm long). The pure white flowers grow at the end of branches up to 2 m long. The flowers of ‘Levana’ consist of four or five well separated sepals that appear like stars around the flower panicles in July and August. The mass of fragrant white flowers are attractive to insects.


Prunus-K-N-M V2

Prunus incisa Kojo-no-mai

‘Kojo – no – mai’ meaning ‘flight of the butterflies’.
A spreading deciduous rounded shrub or small tree with crooked, densely twigged branches. Festooned with pink buds in late March which open to small pure white flowers. Small green serrated leaves turn bronze to crimson in the autumn. It produces small black fruits and is ideal for the small garden or even as a container plant.

admin • November 28, 2014

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